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Improve Website Traffic

Free Stuff: Who doesn’t love free stuff? Scour the internet, find deals, drive traffic to your site by offering something for free, then add some advertising, and boom, sales & advertising that make you money. For a great example try out this lovely site, It’s What Jen Says, she knows her stuff!

Social Media: I say this with hesitancy, but yes, it does help. A twitter account can be helpful, by posting guidelines, 144 characters of knowledgeable information. Share links, photos, anything that may get someone to click on it. Avoid just trying to get followers, and find people that are in the industry and something you can talk about, connect to, plug if need be.

Facebook: This word does not mean start telling your friends to visit your site by posting pictures of cats talking, half naked women, or quotes by people who have died centuries ago. That word means post helpful, intelligent things, no baby momma drama. Ask your friends and acquaintances for opinions, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Make a fan page, but keep it current.

Pinterest: Selling things? Try pinning some ideas and uses for your products!

Directories: These bad boys are easy to use! Make a dummy email account, sign up, post your website under the correct industry, and away you go! Check this link out for a list of top directories that you may find useful.

Article Submission: Hop on Reddit, Digg, or any article based website, and submit something off of your blog. If it is approved by something like Ezine you never know where in the world people will be viewing your website from!

SEO: Try reading up on some Search Engine Optimization techniques. SEOmoz offers some great tools to learn how to start out.

Backlinks: If you have done business with other websites, ask for a link. Maybe they have a blog, and can post a positive review about your company.

Press Releases: For under 400.00 you can have a website write a press release for you, include an SEO package, and distribute it across the web. Watch your keywords jump up through the rankings as this easy-to-do, and low cost piece does its’ due diligence for your company.