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Linkages and Ranking

Are you a blogger who aside from writing your blog and letting others know that your opinion counts, you still want to have your website “optimized” for ranking in search engines?

Chances are, you are maximizing your website content using Search Engine Optimization techniques and using links to enable your content to be read all over the whole World Wide Web.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically using keywords within your article repetitively without losing focus on your content so as to enable search engines to include your article or site in searches whenever a user types his desired keywords on the search box and hits search. It is just like leaving a bread crumb trail where you leave trails (your SEO keywords and articles) for search engines to find and Voila! The user is redirected towards your site from the search engine.

Another way to leave a bread crumb trail to your site or to your article is to “link” it and connect your site to another site or sites that are relevant to the topic or business your site or blog is into. There is quality link building services offered online if you do not know how to build “links” for your own site.

An effective link building service knows the how and where to of link building. Reciprocal link building for example entails that your site be connected to another site and that site in turn connects his site to yours- this is called a reciprocal link. This is one way of link building although some consider this method ineffective in search engine popularity since a reciprocal link does not promote reputation because it can only exist when the other party agrees to the mutual linkage- not because the other party likes your stuff but because there is a favor for another favor. This type of line assures there is mutual traffic between the two linked website.

A resource link on the other hand considers relevance and not only mutual consent. For example, your business is referenced as a “computer shop selling computer parts”. Content mentioning “hardware and software” can be linked to your site as compared to content referencing “skiing and extreme sports” which do not possess relevance to your site.

A resource link can be one way when it is only the other site connected to your site or two-way when both sites are connected back and forth, not because of the necessity for mutual traffic but because of the relevance of each of the site and its content to each other.