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Use Links In Website

1) Links should never say, Click Here, they should be 2-5 words at most. They should relate to, what’s on the other side of the link, IE: (You can to learn, Play Just like the pro’s, You can download Her Naughty Picture etc.).

2) Your link should STAND out, Should have different colors for (active, visited, hover)

3) Home page links should be pragmatic, (Dealing with things sensible and realistically)

4) Don’t make your readers guess where they have to go, Have them know, that if they click that link, it will take them to the page the link is telling them.

5) Make links go from general too specific.

6) Use your log files to see what your users are searching for, then use the most commonly used words for your links.

7) Use title tags to help your users know where they are going.
( title = Anchor text )

8) Try and use a first person approach. IE: (I want you to go_______________.)

9) Don’t force a new window to open when your user clicks a link. They know how to use their back button.

10) This is by far is the most important lesson, TEST YOUR LINKS. Once you’re finished writing your links, test them in different browsers. Make sure they go where you want them to go and there are no broken links. Dead links or links going to the wrong section can cause you to lose a lot of money.